Academy Improvement Plan

Academy Improvememt Plan

Victoria Primary Academy Improvement Plan 2018/19

The VPA Improvement Plan will makes reference to two types of work for the coming year.

Focused Priorities:

FP1 – All pupils make at least expected in year progress for mathematics.  Explicit teaching of foundational skills enables pupils to make deeper connections in their maths knowledge through a mastery approach focussed on reasoning and problem solving.

FP2 - Explicit teaching of reading and writing skills, using a wide range of texts, grammatical structures and vocabulary will enable children to read and write with a level of automaticity which in turn enhances their progress and attainment across the English curriculum.

FP3 – Improving support and outcomes for SEND pupils - Effective interventions for all pupils lead to good or better progress. Mental health and well-being strategy formalised and embedded.

FP4 - Data driven decision making focusses on pupil progress and attainment in a systematic manner. Improvements in attendance are continued. Research is used as an integral part of academy improvement.

Background priorities:

BP1 – Behaviour and Values (metacognition and self-regulation)

BP2 – Pupil Premium

BP3 – Curriculum Development and Provision

BP4 – Effective Marking and Feedback


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