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Creating Learners Without Limits

Victoria Primary Academy Curriculum:

    •       Live and responsive
    •       Inclusive
    •       Accessible
    •       Practical learning
    •       Skills based
    •       In built success
    •       Engaging and interesting
    •       Fits the needs of our pupils
    •       Relevant

We use a thematic approach to curriculum design and planning: The Connected Curriculum. Our curriculum units are based on the Edison connected curriculum units, they are adapted to meet the needs of our pupils: taking into account our local area, cohorts of pupils and Government initiatives and priorities.

A termly learning journey gives parents/carers information about the learning for the term and suggestions of how they could support their children at home.

Big Questions:

We recognise that our pupils learn best when they feel part of the process of curriculum design. Before each unit is planned classes discuss together the outline plan for their new unit. Together they decide on questions they would like to find the answers to during their learning. These are displayed in the classroom and referred to as they are answered over the unit.

Scintillating Starter and Fabulous Finish:

Each new learning unit begins with a scintillating starter, this is a hook to engage the children and draw them into the learning. This could be a story, some drama, a video clip etc.

To draw each topic to an exciting close the unit ends with a fabulous finish. Examples of this would be a party day at the end of the Party Planners topic or an experience day related to the theme.

The Discrete Curriculum:

Some subjects, by their very nature, need to have curriculum learning time away from the main theme. For example, RE and PSHE. English and Mathematics are planned for as discrete subjects, with additional reading, writing and maths learning being included as part of the connected curriculum as often as possible.

Visitors and Trips:

Trips out and visitors in are planned to support the children’s learning across the year. From local area visits to trips to the Science Museum, reptile or historical visitors, these experiences are always enjoyed by the children and adults alike!

Engaging with our Local Community:

Victoria, as a learning community, has been part of the local community in Wellingborough since 1895.

We are a multicultural school that is situated on the edge of Wellingborough Town. Ensuring the children see the importance of their local community and all it has to offer is an important part of our learning. Some of the ways we do this are:

    • ü  Year Four children sing on The Castle Theatre stage each year as part of the Rotary Club Seasonal Concert
    • ü  The Interfaith Team visit Year 5/6 classes each year, this is an opportunity to meet local leaders of religious groups
    • ü  Annual Crazy Hats parade ensures we maintain our ongoing links with local charity, Crazy Hats
    • ü  Classes visit Wellingborough Museum throughout the year
    • ü  Local area walks to study history and geography
    • ü  Fire Service visits
    • ü  Bikeability for the Year Five children
    • ü  Swimming at the local Waendel pool for the Year Four children
    • ü  We maintain close links with our local PCSO
    • ü  We have strong and effective relationships with local pre-school settings and secondary school in order to support transition

Cultural Events:

Our annual cultural events calendar schedules key events in over the year, these include charity fund raising events, religious festivals, Remembrance and national celebrations. It is through these events that we can support children to gain a deeper understanding of The British Values and demonstrate pride in their local and wider community.

Our Academy Values:

Children are encouraged to demonstrate our Victoria Values in everything they do in school.

Victoria Values

Metacognition and Self-Regulation:

This year we have introduced the children to the LORIC characters (PiXL Primary Edge). Each of the five characters has an attribute that will support children to become more successful learners, these complement our LORIC charactersacademy values. Through the characters of LORIC the children will learn how to keep themselves fit and healthy, including the importance of good mental health and well-being.

We are looking forward to getting to know the characters as we go through the year.


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